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Zenno the Illusionist Epic General
Legion damage: 1008

Duel power: 287
Attack: 415
Defense: 445
Race gnome.png Gnome
Role ranged.png Ranged
Source intellect.png Intellect
Fake Frog Prince: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Aquatic raids; Zenno the Illusionist gains 5 Attack and Defense for each unique piece of Dragon, Earth Elemental, Frog Beastman, Kobold, Magma Elemental, Merfolk, Oroc, Qwil, Werewolf, Wolf Beastman, Frost Elemental, Polar Beastman, Abomination, Wraith Illusion and Orc Illusion sets owned.

Zenno the illusionist.jpg
"Ha! This is brilliant! A lot of human and elf woman won't look twice at a gnome. But when they've grown up hearing stupid stories about kissing frogs to turn them back into princes... I just play along, and they're all over me!" -- Zenno the Illusionist
Obtained By:

Trekex's Amphibious Assault (World Raid) Community Loot.

Additional Info:

Total Pieces 124