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Worm-Lord unique Troop
Legion damage: 9000

Duel power: 3333
Attack: 5000
Defense: 5000
Race goblin.png Goblin
Trans16.png Any
Trans16.png Any
Riding Dirty: 12% chance to deal 200,000 damage; Extra 10,000 damage for each unique Mount owned; Gains 30 Attack and Defense for each unique Mount owned; Whenever a mount Procs, Worm-Lord mimics 30% of that damage plus 1% for every 5 unique Mounts owned

Worm tamer.jpg
There are many worm riders, those goblins who can claim mastery over the giant worm selected as their steed. But only one can claim mastery over them all.
Obtained By:

Planet Coin.pngLimited Time Item September 15th - 29th 2017 for 130Planet Coin.png


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