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Wooded Warden's Signet Epic Ring
Raid damage: 2260

Duel power: 653
Attack: 450
Defense: 460
Trunk and Blade: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional piece of Wooded Warden set equipped; Extra damage against Beast raids; Extra damage against Beastmen raids; Increases Player's Stamina by 28; Additional 4 Stamina for each additional piece of Wooded Warden set equipped; PvP Bonus: +350 Power; +100 Damage; +100 Deflect; Set (8) Increases Player's Attack and Defense by 100

Ring wooded warden
The Wild Wardens are sworn to protect nature at any cost. They are not fond of outsiders. Accompanied by druids amongst their ranks, the wardens tend to keep to themselves, hiding deep within the recesses of the forests. They leave only out of necessity or to track especially elusive intruders.
Obtained By:


Part of Wooded Warden Set


  • Wooded Warden's Signet is a part of 2 recipes.

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