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Winter Warrior Boots Epic Boots
Raid damage: 14570

Duel power: 2877
Attack: 2580
Defense: 4250
Winter Warfare: 10% chance to deal 70,000 damage; Extra 10,000 damage for each piece of Winter Warrior set worn; Extra 250,000 damage against against Siege raids; Increases Stamina by 50; PvP Bonus: Power +600, Damage +250, Deflect +250

Boots winter warrior

Boots winter warrior f

VII. So the gnomes sat and sighed, and went back to their work,
While the cooking pots bubbled and mistress did lurk,
And their tears were the polish which gleamed on the toys
That were destined to please the tribe's girls and their boys.
Obtained By:

Yule Workshop (Raid)

Part of Winter Warrior Set
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