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Water-Woven Sabatons Epic Boots
Raid damage: 995

Duel power: 132
Attack: 200
Defense: 195
Deep Sea Dreams: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage if the Water-Woven Hippocamp is equipped

Boots water woven
VII. "There she is, captain!"

The shout came from up in the crow's nest. Keth stood at Dieter's side and stared off at the horizon, shading his eyes against the sun. Spires of rock appeared over the water as though newly risen from the depths. They reminded the ship's lad of skeletal fingers clawing their way out of a grave.

Captain Dieter gave his commands. Crewmen worked at the sails, scuttling across the rigging like agile spiders. The anchor splashed into the sea and sought its berth down below.

Ethel looked up at the sky.

"We made good time in that wind, cap'n. We're early."

"The merfolk will come soon enough," Dieter said. "Till then, all-"

Someone screamed.

Obtained By:

Thaltherda the Sea-Slitherer

Part of Water-Woven Set
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