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Water-Woven Hippocamp Epic Mount
Raid damage: 1480

Duel power: 193
Attack: 300
Defense: 280
Water Warhorse: Chance for bonus damage

Mount water woven
IX. Claws... teeth... scales. Images washed through his brain like the ocean's waves. The monster had crashed down on the Dancing Duchess and split its timbers like a warhammer crushing a man's skull. But even this enormity drifted away from his mind, carried by swift currents.

Keth sank through the cold depths. Water fingers entangled and ensnared him, promising the fate that had called so many sailors since the gods had first fashioned the sea. Perhaps that would make a man of him... A distant part of his brain laughed, while is lungs awaited the briny draught that would be his final drink.

One last dream... Yes. That must be it. A beautiful green face swimming through the water, surrounded by a glorius aura of emerald hair. A gift from a merciful goddess to ease his passing.

Obtained By:

Thaltherda the Sea-Slitherer

Part of Water-Woven Set
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