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Walking Prison Mask Epic Helm
Raid damage: 3050

Duel power: 417
Attack: 600
Defense: 650
Iron Mask: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional piece of Walking Prison set equipped; Extra damage if The Prisoner is owned; Extra damage against Ogres; Chance to discover a Cracked Ogre Skull or Whiskey Cask on hit when complete set (excluding the Walking Prison Mask) is worn against non-Guild related Ogre Raids

Helm walking prison
"There is a demon within the armor, once a mighty lord of the infernal realm, who spoke too often and too loudly of the feeble powers of the gods. They set aside their squabbling to silence his blasphemous tongue, and cursed him to an eternity in the mortal realm, powerless. Only by pledging himself to the service of the gods and admitting their glory will open the armor." -- Legends of the Prisoner
Obtained By:

Planet CoinCurrent Expeditions

Part of Walking Prison Set
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