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Beneath grim, grey skies lies the town of Vornstaag. Few outsiders ever visit this place,
and the stories they tell make the peasant folk tremble.

Vornstaag is the fifth questing area in the game.
To unlock this zone you must defeat Lord Tyranthius in Ryndor on Normal difficulty.

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Title Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7
Among the Dead
(Complete Vornstaag on Nightmare difficulty.)
Acv vornstaag 1.png
25 AP
Acv vornstaag 2.png
50 AP
Acv vornstaag 3.png
100 AP
Acv vornstaag 4.png
250 AP
Acv vornstaag 5.png
500 AP
Acv vornstaag 6.png
1000 AP
Acv vornstaag 7.png
2000 AP


Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Helm reanimator.png Reanimator's Hat 27 27 34 26 Bazaar - Vornstaag
Chest reanimator.png Reanimator's Robes 27 27 34 26 Bazaar after Vornstaag is unlocked
Gloves reanimator.png Reanimator's Gloves 27 27 34 26 Bazaar - Vornstaag as well as quest drops from Vornstaag
Pants reanimator.png Reanimator's Pants 27 27 34 26 Bazaar - Vornstaag
Boots reanimator.png Reanimator's Boots 27 27 34 26 Vornstaag Bazaar, quests, and quest help rewards
Main brutalcleaver.png Brutal Cleaver 68 14 72 Bazaar - Vornstaag
Main undeadbasher.png Emergency Undead Basher 78 38 88 Vornstaag raids, quests
Wilhelm.jpg Wilhelm 75 40 85 Banshee Scream: Chance for bonus damage Bazaar: Vornstaag 250k Gold.png
Zombie.jpg Zombie 30 15 34 Quests: Vornstaag, Bertram the Necromancer
Shadow bolt scroll lesser.png Lesser Shadow Bolt Scroll Deals 90 Dmg Questing: Vornstaag Mini Bosses
Skull brown.png Brown Skull Craft x2 Stat Points Vornstaag quests, help requests and gifting
Skull grey.png Grey Skull Craft x2 Stat Points Vornstaag quests, help requests and gifting
Skull blue.png Blue Skull Craft x2 Stat Points Vornstaag quests, help requests and gifting
Skull green.png Green Skull Craft x2 Stat Points Vornstaag quests, help requests and gifting
Skull purple.png Purple Skull Craft x2 Stat Points Vornstaag quests, help requests and gifting
Skull orange.png Orange Skull Craft x2 Stat Points Vornstaag quests, help requests and gifting
Helm shadowknight.png Shadowknight's Shame 39 46 51 35 Increases Energy by 2 Quest boss - Ironclad
Chest shadowknight.png Shadowknight's Prison 39 46 51 35 Increases Energy by 4 Occasional drop by the Nalagarst quest boss in Vornstaag
Gloves shadowknight.png Shadowknight's Pain 39 46 51 35 Increases Energy by 2 Quest boss Zombie Horde
Pants shadowknight.png Shadowknight's Agony 39 46 51 35 Increases Energy by 4 Quest Boss - Stein
Boots shadowknight.png Shadowknight's Toil 39 46 51 35 Increases Energy by 2 Bogstench quest boss in Vornstaag Castle.
Francis.jpg Francis 60 140 95 Built to Last: Increases Player Defense (+42) Quest Boss: Nightmare Nalagarst
Demonstone 4.png Stone of D'rach Used as an ingredient to craft Power of the Demon Stones Vornstaag: Cemetery

Pre Lore

The troops are full of boisterous cheer when you begin the march back to Fallows. As far as they know, they simply defended the kingdom from a pack of demons. They've done their duty, and are returning in triumph with new stories to tell. You and your closest companions, those who know the truth, try to hide your troubled spirits and share in the general merriment. But traveling leaves far too much time for introspection...

When someone yells out, and breaks your reverie, you're grateful.

The Black Carriage

You look up, and see the cause of the yell. In the distance is a black shape, approaching from the east.

"A carriage," says one of the elven archers.

A few moments later you see that she was right. A team of black horses pulling a carriage of the same color. And as it draws closer, you see that something's very wrong...

"It's under attack," growls Roland.

Figures are clinging to the sides of the carriage, latching onto it like leeches upon a man's flesh. A long pole is embedded in its side, quivering with the speed it's moving at. You realize that it's a spear.

"Highwaymen!" someone exclaims from behind.

"If we hurry, we can block their path," says Roland.

The old adventurer tugs at his mount's reins, and gallops ahead. Many of the troops follow him. But you have a better idea...

As always, Solus responds before you speak, as if both your minds harbor the same thoughts. He runs from the column with you atop his back, gaining the space to unfurl his wings. In a moment you're aloft, swooping through the sky towards the carriage.

Quest Lore

Crazy Like a Fox

Z5 a1 q1.jpg
Solus whines as you draw your weapon and rise into a crouch. Even he thinks what you're about to do is crazy. But he obeys nonetheless, and descends. As his swoop takes him right above the carriage, you prepare to leap. If this goes wrong, you're going to look very, very stupid...

Argh! Zombies!

Z5 a1 q2.jpg
The roof almost seems to buckle under your boots, and there's a scream of terror from within. But it holds. Then your relief vanishes, as you hear a groaning round from either side. You turn, and see two angry black eyes staring into yours.

Cold, Dead Hands

Z5 a1 q3.jpg
The zombie falls from the carriage, and there's a bump followed by a squelch as the rear wheel goes over it. But two others are already on you, their hands grabbing at your leg, trying to yank you off the roof.

Ride of the Damned

Z5 a1 q4.jpg
You yell for the driver to stop, now that the zombies are gone. But when he turns, it's with a sword in hand and death upon his face. He swings his weapon at you with one hand, still gripping the reins with the other as the coach hurtles down the road, swerving from side to side.

Boss: Ironclad


"An interesting place, Vornstaag," says Lucian, pulling his horse in close by yours as you ride. "With a rather curious variation of the traditional feudal system."

"They raise the dead," you reply. "That's not 'interesting.' It's an abomination."

"By all accounts the peasants are rather fond of the idea," says Lucian. "It's quite an equitable arrangement. If serfs pledge their bodies to their lords for a set number of years of post-mortal labor, they aren't required to work nearly as hard when they're alive."

"Would you accept such an arrangement?" you ask.

"Me? Of course not!" Lucian replies. "But if I were a lowly peasant toiling in the fields, living a miserable and backbreaking existence, then I might."

"I used to be a farmhand," you say.

"Oh... Splendid. Quite splendid. I'm sure it was...was very stimulating."

The scholar allows his horse to slacken, causing him to fall behind and disappear from sight.


Vornstaag appears on the horizon, nestled beneath a grim, overcast sky that rumbles with the birth pangs of a coming storm. Even from this distance the signs of combat are obvious. The dragons' forces are inside the town.

The black carriage, now driven by one of your soldiers, stops beside you. The baron's daughter, whom you now know to be called Cassandra, pulls back a dark curtain and leans out of the window.

"They got past our army," she says. "We have to do something!"

"We'll do what we can," you reply. "But you should wait here. I'll have some of my people stay to-"

"If any of our undead are still fighting," she interrupts, "they'll obey me without question. I should be there."

For a moment you consider remonstrating with her, but you have no authority over a noblewoman, even one who's still a child. And you don't have time to argue. Instead you order some of your people to protect the carriage, and head for the town.

The rain is falling now, a sudden mighty downpour that drenches you in moments and chills your bones. If this is what the weather's like in Vornstaag, it's little wonder that the local peasants prefer to work when they're dead instead.

As you enter the town, you see the bulk of the fighting is taking place inside a sprawling cemetery. Of course... In a place which uses zombies for labor and defense, the cemetery must be one of the most valuable locations.

A man wearing mage's robes runs over to you, his soaked garments flopping against his spindly limbs. He stops breathless by Cassandra's carriage.

"Milady..." he gasps.

"What happened?" Cassandra asks. "Where's my father?"

"In the castle..." the man says. "Monsters are attacking it. I came here to raise more zombies, but those things are holding the cemetery."

"That's easily solved," you say.

You leap down from your mount, so you can move between the tombstones more easily, and signal your forces to attack.

Quest Lore

Song of the Sepulcher

Z5 a2 q1.jpg
Medea slips into an open crypt, gesturing for you to follow. Inside, a group of peasants are cowering before a pack of beastmen. Medea's harp blares, the sound reverberating around the stone walls. The creatures howl, shocked by the sudden blast of noise, and turn towards you.

Crypt Keeper

Z5 a2 q2.jpg
The peasants blurt out words of thanks, but you're already heading towards the stairs. You have a battle to get back to. Then a stocky shape looms up in the doorway, its girth blocking the portal from side to side. It looks like you'll have to fight your way out.

From the Grave

Z5 a2 q3.jpg
You hear a loud curse as you exit the tomb, and recognize Marcus' voice. You find him in a deep open grave, standing beside a creature's corpse. The wet earth provides little purchase, and he can't pull himself out. You lie in the mud, and reach down for him.

Toppling the Tombstone

Z5 a2 q4.jpg
Marcus pats you on the back, then runs off into the melee. You do the same, looking for more enemies to slay. A short distance away you see a group of the creatures, forming up a battle line. And you see a large tombstone on a rise above them...

Boss: Zombie Horde

Vornstaag Dungeons

You emerge from the rain-slick streets, into the open area surrounding the Castle Vornstaag. The bodies of zombies and peasants alike are strewn across the wet ground, where they fell in the keep's defense. A pitched battle still rages in front of the castle, but the situation seems the reverse of what it should be. The beastmen have their backs to the large doors, which are in the process of closing, as if defending them from attack. The town's inhabitants are hurling themselves at them in an attempt to break through.

"The creatures must be inside the castle," says Marcus, as the doors slam closed with a resounding boom. "We'll have to break through the doors."

"We don't have time for that!" Cassandra yells. "My father's in danger! There's another way in through the dungeons."

"Show me," you say. Then you turn to your companions. "Marcus, Medea, get control of the gates. A few of you come with me."

"If you're going into a dungeon, I'm your man," says Roland.

You nod, and follow Cassandra. She leads you to a garden some distance away from the castle, where a doorway stands partially concealed behind overgrown plants and a copse of trees dripping with rainwater. A swing from your weapon breaks its padlock, and the door swings open.

"You know anything about the traps down here?" Roland asks, looking to Cassandra.

"No," the girl replies. "You think my father lets me play in the dungeons? And how did you know there were traps?"

"Dungeons always have traps," says Roland. "Back in the old days, architects were always competing with each other to make the best trap-filled dungeons."

You sigh, and step through the doorway. You descend a stairway, and come to a brightly lit corridor. Enchanted torches burn along the walls, triggered by your entrance. At least you won't have to grope in the dark. Perhaps this won't be so bad after all...

Quest Lore

Watch Your Step!

Z5 a3 q1.jpg
Roland puts his arm out in front of you, blocking your path. He crouches and inspects the flagstones. After a minute, he rises, and says, "Carry the girl, and only step on the stones I step on." Then he begins to jump from one stone to the next.

Lateral Thinking

Z5 a3 q2.jpg
Machinery clatters around the corner. You turn into the passage, and are greeted by the sight of a number of spears that thrust out from the floor, walls, and ceiling in sequence. You're just working out how best to dodge through them, when Roland begins to break their shafts.

Secret Passage

Z5 a3 q3.jpg
You emerge into a square chamber, which appears to be a dead-end. But Roland is undaunted. He moves along one of the walls, running his fingers along its surface. You realize that he's searching for a hidden switch, and do the same in the opposite direction.

Riddle Me This...

Z5 a3 q4.jpg
Part of the wall slides away, revealing another chamber. This one has a door in the far wall, though it's sealed with no discernable handle. As you shove at the door, the eyes of the monstrous stone face carved on the wall beside it begin to glow. "Riddler gargoyle," sighs Roland.

Boss: Stein

Castle Vornstaag

The door from the dungeons opens into a small storeroom in the keep, stacked with high and dusty sacks and barrels.

"Where are the main doors?" you ask, as you pass into the corridor beyond.

"This way," says Cassandra, gesturing to one of the passages. "But if those monsters won the fight outside, we'd just be letting more of them in."

"My friends won't fail us," you reply.

Quest Lore

Bad Day for Guard Duty

Z5 a4 q1.jpg
Beastmen are lounging around in front of the castle's big double doors. They evidently don't expect to be attacked from within, and consider themselves safe behind the fortified entrance. More fool them...

Hack and Smash

Z5 a4 q2.jpg
The thick bar which seals the doors has weapons jammed into it, fastening it in place and preventing it from sliding out. You tug at them, but they must have been thrust there by arms of tremendous strength. You'll have to break the bar instead.

From Pillar to Post

Z5 a4 q3.jpg
Your companions surge into the castle, and fan out at your direction. You head up the stairway leading to the next floor, and come out in a wide, pillar-lined hallway. There an ogre awaits you, swinging a displaced pillar as if it were an immense club. This won't be fun.

Environmental Weapon

Z5 a4 q4.jpg
A huge shape is disappearing through the shattered remains of a door ahead of you, its minions staying to block your path. If the baron is through there, you don't have any time to lose. The creatures are standing under a rather heavy chandelier, so you hurl your weapon at its rope.

Boss: Bogstench

Dragon Graveyard

"A dragon?" you say, as you run down the stairs, the baron at your side.

"So they say. From the war fought centuries ago. It's been family lore for generations. We were told that if we disturbed the earth there, or tried to build on it, disaster would follow."

This is all you need...

You leave the castle, almost tripping over the beastman corpses strewn outside, and leap onto Solus' back. He rises up into the air as your comrades sprint through the streets below. The rain is falling heavily once more, lashing against your face as you fly, seeping into your clothes.

Outside Vornstaag is a field, and beyond a belt of trees on the other side lies the luminous green glow.

You descend towards it and see more of the necromancers, their bodies coated in the sickly light of their sorcery. A large force surrounds them, and some of the creatures begin howling and shrieking as they see you, pointing up at the air. dozens of bestial necks crane upwards, and missiles begin to fly.

Quest Lore

Fly-by Slashing

Z5 a5 q1.jpg
Solus plunges down towards the necromancers, weaving from side to side to avoid the stones, arrows, and javelins which hurtle towards him. Some strike his scaley hide, but if they hurt him he gives no sign. You hold your weapon at the ready. At this speed, it will be a difficult blow.

Don't Look Down

Z5 a5 q2.jpg
One of the necromancers crumples as Solus soars upwards. but a rock crashes against the side of your head, a heavy blow which stuns you. You fall from the saddle, and your frantic clutch only just manages to grasp the harness. You dangle from it, trying to maintain your grip.

From the Frying Pan...

Z5 a5 q3.jpg
Knowing that you can't hold on any longer, Solus descends. Solid ground appears under your feet, and you gasp with relief... until you see the savage faces and gleaming weapons arrayed in front of you. Solus lands by your side, snapping at the creatures to keep them at bay.

...Into the Bloodbath

Z5 a5 q4.jpg
You fight like a madman, and Solus like the most ferocious drake who ever graced the pages of legend. The enemies falter before you. And before they can recover, harp music and angry cries fill the air. Your companions are here. Time to kill.

Boss: Nalagarst

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