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Violet Knight's Gauntlets Gloves
Raid damage: 1270

Duel power: 163
Attack: 260
Defense: 230
Violent in Violet: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional Violet Knight set item equipped; Extra damage if Violet Storm magic is owned

Gloves violet knight
"The great thing about growing up rich is that... well, you're rich. You get to eat and drink the good stuff, and wear jewels. It means you can spend all day doing whatever you want. I learned how to shoot a bow, because it look like fun. And the teacher was handsome... I practiced all the time just so I could see him smile." -- Sar Wenni the Violet
Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item 06/05/13 - 20/05/13 for 20Planet Coin Planet Coins

Part of Violet Knight Set
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