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Vibrant Besieger's Schynbalds Epic Boots
Raid damage: 34265

Duel power: 4362
Attack: 7060
Defense: 6025
Bright Battle: 10% chance to deal 125,000 damage; Extra 60,000 damage for each piece of Vibrant Besieger's set worn; Extra 485,000 damage against Siege raids; 10% chance to discover Battering Rams on hit against non-Guild related Siege raids when full set is worn

Vibrant besiegers boots

Vibrant besiegers boots f

V. The brothers met on the banks of the Rubicar, and drew their swords. There they clashed from morning till night, but Benedict could not pierce his brother's ebon panoply. He retreated at long last, his spirit heavy with sorrow and failure.
Obtained By:

Galapthog Spire (Raid)

Part of Vibrant Besieger's set
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