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Veteran Hero of the Endless Dawn Troop
Legion damage: 601.2

Duel power: 222
Attack: 335
Defense: 330
Race human Human
Trans16 Any
Source strength Strength
Gains 100 Attack and Defense if Renelle of the Endless Dawn is in the active legion; Gains 2 Attack for each Veteran Warrior of the Glorious Dawn, Veteran Crystal Dawn Quintessence, or Veteran Spellsword of the Rising Dawn owned (Max: 10 Each); Increases Player's Attack and Defense by 200 against Dragon raids; Provides a 3% legion special power boost while in the Endless Dawn 2 legion

Veteran hero of the endless dawn troop

Jane listened wordlessly as the Vampire continued to explain how the world needed her, a darkness was coming, a darkness that mortals lacked the fortitude to face. Her attention went over her shoulder as she felt others approaching.

"Jane." Renelle placed her hand on her shoulder. "Please meet my initiates. Anselm, the Demonic Paladin. Lord Karzo, the Eternal Construct. Sundlac, the Angel. All formidable warriors, like you. All of them have gifted -- and burdened -- with eternal life, and they have chosen to dedicate that life to fighting the evils that rise in Tor'gyyl."

"Mortals do not have the memory nor the constitution to face what we must face, to go where we must go."

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Name Type Recraft Type
Endless Dawn Steed Boost Misc/Tokens
Endless dawn coin brown
Endless dawn coin grey
Endless dawn coin green
Endless dawn coin blue
Endless dawn coin purple
Endless dawn coin orange
Endless dawn steed boost 1
Veteran hero of the endless dawn troop
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