Verkiteia is the Third boss encounter for Fog of War (Area: Red). As with all bosses, Verkiteia can also be battled in a raid with 4 available levels: Normal, Hard, Legendary and Nightmare.


Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Essence verkiteia Verkiteia Essence Used to summon Verkiteia (Raid) Verkiteia quest boss
Mathalas armor scrap 3 Mathala's Armor Scrap 3 Used to craft Mathala's Sabatons Verkiteia quest boss
Helm unworthy warrior Helm of the Unworthy Warrior 200 275 269 75 Increase's Players Attack, Defense, and Perception by 50, and Health by 100. Quest: NM Verkiteia
Collection iulian relic 3 green Green Iulian Relic Used to craft The Emperor's Signet Quest: Verkiteia Nightmare
Severed tentacle brown Brown Severed Tentacle Craft x2 Stat Points Fog of War quest drop
Severed tentacle grey Grey Severed Tentacle Craft x2 Stat Points Fog of War quest drop
Severed tentacle green Green Severed Tentacle Craft x2 Stat Points Fog of War quest drop
Severed tentacle blue Blue Severed Tentacle Craft x2 Stat Points Fog of War quest drop
Severed tentacle purple Purple Severed Tentacle Craft x2 Stat Points Fog of War quest drop
Severed tentacle orange Orange Severed Tentacle Craft x2 Stat Points Fog of War quest drop


Enter Battle

Xerkara would be angry if she found out. Verkiteia knew this. She'd be enraged, furious at having her orders disobeyed. Her edict had been clear. They were all to fly for Dracoshire, the kingdom's greatest city, home of the ruler who thought in his folly that he and his armies, his heroes, could deny them their prize. The green dragon's force had set out to do as bidden. To wage the war as Xerkara ordained, hidden beneath the vast cloud of fog. But Verkiteia's pride, her malevolence, had led her elsewhere.

She'd flown above the army, sick of wading through the sky-stealing mists, and gazed around at the countryside. And thus she'd seen the town on the horizon — the sprawling settlement where many hundreds of people would go unscathed while destruction passed them by. The thought of it incensed her. Those humans, who hadn't bent their knee to their draconic masters, who didn't worship them and beg forgiveness for ever defying them, would be untouched, unharmed.

It was too much to bear. She had to see those buildings burn.

So the green drake had led a warband away from the army, leaving the fog to roll on towards Dracoshire, and set out to raid them. A quick attack. Fire and slaughter. Then she'd rejoin the rest of her forces. Xerkara need never find out...

She was risking the white wyrm's wrath. But as fire rose about her, ravaging buildings and immolating her screaming victims, elation smothered her disquiet. Those worthless humans who escaped the inferno and her minions' steel would tell others of their kind. Their pathetic race would tremble, and know what happened to those who strayed into Verkiteia's path.

The dragon stood in the town square, amidst the burning buildings, and unleashed another stream of glorious, destructive fire.

"No! Please! No!" Jacre whispered. His eyes were frantic, but he didn't raise his voice. He didn't dare. The other children did the same. A quiet yet desperate, terrified babble rustled through the orphanage's hallway.

"We have to!" Hjana said.

She hugged the children to her, bringing them so close that their tears wet her cheeks as well as their own. The crackling and smoky scent of burning wood were getting closer. If they stayed, they were doomed. Hjana pulled away from them and stood up.

"I'll go first," she said. She didn't add that she'd be bait, perhaps able to draw the roaring monster in a different direction. "Then you go. Run, and don't stop till you're in the forest."

The children wailed, but they moved behind her at the door.

Sar Velania stood in the darkness between two buildings, and stared at the monstrosity. A dragon... Sat in the burning square like a spider in the middle of its web. Spewing fire from its emerald jaws.

She couldn't do anything on her own. She had to gather the others, and-

In a building on the left-hand side of the square, one of those not yet consumed by the advancing flames, a door opened. A heavyset woman ran out of the entrance. She dashed straight across the square, like a lunatic, right into the dragon's path. The drake's head turned to follow her. Huge jaws opened.

The woman didn't have time to scream. The torrent of fire took her too quickly.

Sar Velania held her sword tighter and uttered a curse. Then she looked back at the open doorway, and her face paled. Children... A group of little children came out into the street, the larger ones grabbing and shoving the younger ones, forcing them along. All of them weeping and wailing.

The dragon grinned at them.

The red knight ran out into the square.



Sar Velania the Red shouted the word, turning it into a battle cry instead of an oath. The green dragon's head snapped round to face her.

In the corner of her eye. Velania saw the children move. They might escape. But only if she kept the wyrm's eyes on her. So she charged, scarlet shield raised, sword in hand.

The dragon blinked. Perhaps the beast didn't understand why a lone human was rushing towards certain destruction, daring to attack a mighty drake singlehanded. But she didn't need to understand. Only destroy.

Flames gushed from her maw, a river of fire that enveloped the red knight.

Magical light bloomed around Velania, her armor's enchantments flaring as they tried to preserve its wearer's life. But it wouldn't be enough. Heat washed over her, immense, indescribable heat that seemed to roast her very soul. The arcane aura throbbed and wavered.

The red knight ran onwards, into the inferno, through the immolating ocean. The children... She had to save them. Had to.

Her armor was burning. Flames licked at the thin, faltering layer of sorcery. She wouldn't make it The dragon was too far, flames too powerful. She'd never get close.


The entire universe was made of fire. It was the only thing left in all creation, drowning her in endless waves. Even the dragon was gone — swallowed by the inferno.

Sar Velania drew back her arm.



A soft grasp settled over her own, guiding her.

The red knights threw their sword. And the dragon screamed.

Velania fell to her knees. But the world was saved, returned to her. The flames were gone, swallowed back into that terrible maw. That terrible, dying maw.

The dragon roared and thrashed, clawed at the sword embedded in her neck. Then she froze, twitched, and fell. The ground trembled, a thunderous crash. It was the last thing Sar Velania the Red ever heard.

It was the sound of victory.


Fire... The world was fire, and she was doomed. No! The children... She had to... had to...

hp and max damage

  • Normal - 8,500 hp, 4000 max damage
  • Hard - 8,800 hp, 4000 max damage
  • Legendary -
  • Nightmare - 9,000 hp, 4000 max damage
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