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Veil-Caster's Pendant Neck
Raid damage: 14000

Duel power: 1667
Attack: 3000
Defense: 2000
Perception: 4000
On a Wing and a Flare: 10% chance to deal 80,000 damage; Extra 35,000 damage for each piece of Veil-Caster set worn; Extra 15% damage against Magical Creature raids; Each attack has a chance to trigger a second attack against Magical Creature raids without additional cost while worn (this effect does not function if Haste is applied to the raid)

Veil-casters pendant neck
The usage of these pendants tends to vary wildly between individuals. Some forge them into powerful phylacteries which store the user’s soul in the event of an untimely death.

Others use it in place of a shay root ring to empower their magics.

Some simply like the way it looks and wear it as a simple and non-magical necklace. Not everything in the world of magic is mysterious or otherworldly, only most of it.

Obtained By:

Planet CoinExpeditions April 2017 New Item Pack

Part of Veil-Caster Set
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