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Varkatch the Gladiator Legendary General
Legion damage: 1340

Duel power: 303
Attack: 610
Defense: 300
Race orc Orc
Role melee Melee
Source strength Strength
Green Thews, Red Sand: Increases Player's Attack by 150 and Defense by 100; If Kriegsmesser's Fencing Boots are owned, gives an additional 25 Attack and 50 Defense; If Konrad Kriegsmesser is owned, gives an additional 75 Attack and 100 Defense to Player

Varkatch the gladiator
When the fighting was over, three hues dominated the Colosseum: The spectators' pale faces, white as the northern snows. The deep green of the victor's scarred, muscular flesh. And the red of the sand beneath his feet, which stretched across the arena like a scarlet desert.
Obtained By:

Purchase at Colosseum rank 44, Grandmaster of the Colosseum for 10mGold

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