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Utym unique Troop
Legion damage: 360

Duel power: 133
Attack: 200
Defense: 200
Race magical being.png Magical Being
Role any.png Any
Source any.png Any
Eternal Competitor: Chance for bonus damage; Whenever a Troop does damage Utym does a larger amount of damage (Note: This does not apply to damage mimic abilities); Utym's Attack and Defense increase by 1 for every 10 base Player Attack and Defense until 10,000 base Player Attack and Defense; At 10,001 and above base Player Attack and Defense Utym gains 1 Attack and Defense for every 35 base Player Attack and Defense; Utym gains 4 proc damage for every base Player Perception until 10,000 base Player Perception; At 10,001 Player Perception Utym gains 2 proc damage for every base Player Perception; Increases Attack and Defense of Unique troops in legion by 150

When the world's first hero rose, in ages beyond remembering, the world was raw with magic. Enchantment swirled in the air, curled close to the first hero, and followed them. Like a moth to the flame. In time, the magic grew thick, and infected the stone and ores of the very earth the hero walked. It shifted and rose, jealous of the adventures of the hero. The very earth pushed forth a warrior to rival the deeds of the hero, and Utym was born to shadow the footsteps of the hero and mimic their great deeds. In time, the hero died, and Utym was without purpose. Until the next hero would rise, and the old envy would rouse Utym's magics and stir his ancient rivalry again.
Obtained By:

Planet Coin.pngLimited Time Item for 200Planet Coin.png

Additional Info:

Utym Stat Calculator: [1]


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