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Ukshmari Ring Epic Ring
Raid damage: 1150

Duel power: 143
Attack: 240
Defense: 190
Arma Deamque: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each unique piece of the Ukshmari Set owned; Extra damage for each Ranged troop in the active legion

Ring ukshmari
VIII. Avinashi blinked at the message for several seconds, unable to believe what she was reading. But at last it sunk in -- and her eyes blazed. The adventurers! Those stupid fools who had come to the temple asking if she had any quests to offer them! They'd taken her servant! Oh, they would suffer for this outrage...

The priestess ran across the chamber and threw herself down in front of Ukshmi's statue.

"Goddess of the many arms, grant me your power so I can punish them!"

So she spoke, and the deity smiled. Sitars filled the temple with their melody as Ukshmi granted her blessings.

Obtained By:

Dealing at least 1 damage to the Avinashi (World Raid)

Part of Ukshmari Set
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