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Ukshmari Elephant Epic Mount
Raid damage: 1535

Duel power: 192
Attack: 320
Defense: 255
Ukshmi's Blessing: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each Ranged troop in the active legion

Mount ukshmari
IX. The priestess scoured the land, hunting for word or sign of the adventurers or her wretched servant. Many-armed pummelings loosened tongues and guided her search. Soon she descended towards the outskirts of a village, where a bowwoman in purple garb was launching her shafts at a ragged band of kobolds. Peasants cheered at their windows.

"You really don't have any gold?" the archer said as she fired. "Not even a bracelet or something? Do you people see how many arrows I've spent killing these things?"

The villagers clapped their hands and hooted while the reptilian creatures fled towards the trees, stumbling over their comrades' corpses. Men and women in aprons emerged from their homes -- brandishing sugary pastries. They must have been delicious indeed, because the archer's disgruntled frown faltered after the first bite.

Avinashi scowled. This woman was familiar... She was one of the Knights of Good! The others were nowhere to be seen, but that was of no consequence. This one would tell her where they were, in exchange for a quick death...

Obtained By:

Dealing a minimum of 50 Billion damage to the Avinashi (World Raid)

Part of Ukshmari Set
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