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Ukshmari Crown Epic Helm
Raid damage: 1150

Duel power: 143
Attack: 240
Defense: 190
Arma Deamque: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each unique piece of the Ukshmari Set owned; Extra damage for each Ranged troop in the active legion

Helm ukshmari
III. "...and may Ukshmi smile upon my friends while stomping on my enemies."

Her morning entreaties thus concluded, Avinashi pressed her palms together, bowed her head, and smiled. Calling on the goddess had mollified her somewhat. She would only hit the boy once, and order him to shovel the sacred elephants' dung for five hours. Then to demonstrate forgiveness she would have him paint her toenails. Or maybe braid each sextet of her hairs in preparation for the coming festival. The priestess sighed at the thought of such clemency. Her goddess would be proud!

Obtained By:

Dealing at least 2.5 Billion damage to the Avinashi (World Raid)

Part of Ukshmari Set
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