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Tundra Warlord Head Epic Helm
Raid damage: 13800

Duel power: 1650
Attack: 2950
Defense: 2000
Perception: 2000
Frozen War: 10% chance to deal 80,000 damage; Extra 30,000 damage for each piece of Tundra Warlord set equipped; Extra 200,000 damage against Winter raids; 6% chance to discover Firewood on hit while all items of Tundra Warlord set except Mount and Helm are worn against non-Guild related Winter raids

Helm tundra warlord

Helm tundra warlord f

Sir Marcus

A shiny bronze helmet. Then he won't have to go around bareheaded all the time.

-- An anonymous list, headed "Winter Festival Presents"

Obtained By:


Part of Tundra Warlord Set


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