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Trench Titan's Head Epic Helm
Raid damage: 3550

Duel power: 458
Attack: 725
Defense: 650
What Lay Beneath: 15% chance to deal 25,000 damage; Extra 5,000 damage for each unique piece of Trench Titan set equipped; Extra 5,000 damage if Niraina's Trident is equipped; Extra 350,000 damage against Abyssal raids; Extra 350,000 damage against Abyssal raids if Abyssal Illusion set is owned; Extra 275,000 damage against Campaigns; Extra 275,000 damage against Campaigns if Deadly Raven set is owned

Helm trench titan

Helm trench titan f

The glowing in the darkness began to spread, the lines stretching out into veins over something solid. Rapidly growing vines of electric light stretching out until forming the shape of a single column, protruding upwards from the blackest depths

"Those above us, we may have miscalculated. They may defeat the Terror faster than we anticipated.

Obtained By:

The Risen Temple (Hard)

Part of Trench Titan Set
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