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Trench Golem Illusion Feet Epic Boots
Raid damage: 3050

Duel power: 392
Attack: 625
Defense: 550
What Lay Beneath: 12% chance to deal 15,000 damage; Extra 1,000 damage for each unique piece of Trench Golem Illusion set equipped; Extra 150,000 damage against Aquatic raids; Extra 175,000 damage against Campaigns

Boots trench golem illusion

Boots trench golem illusion f

The Initiate grew silent as the lights continued to spread through the darkness. A deep rumbling began to sound as if the planet was shouting in some far away place.

"They fight in service to the surface dwellers. Fools."

Obtained By:

The Risen Temple (Normal)

Part of Trench Golem Illusion Set
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