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Traveler's Gambit Compass Ring Epic Ring
Raid damage: 1650

Duel power: 250
Attack: 300
Defense: 450
Perception: 150
Wandering Way: High chance for bonus damage; Increases Energy by 20

Ring travelers gambit
17. "I know of an oroc named Sycrax who communes with the crystals through song," informed Gyzix as he held his harp across his breast. "Perhaps there is a way through after all."

Suddenly his movements were automatic, his fingers gliding across the instrument to produce a fine-tuned song. Normally in his earthen body, singing would be equivalent to an avalanche crashing into a jagged crag. But in the form of Medea, his voice carried a harmony that felt like the air around him was dancing an invisible waltz.

The crystals resonated, hummed and glowed. The darkness contained in their hardened shells slowly dissipated as they pulsed in a soothing white light. Afterwards, the crystals receded into the tunnels, revealing an exit from the twisting dream caverns.

Obtained By:


Part of Traveler's Gambit Set


  • Traveler's Gambit Compass Ring is a part of one recipe.
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