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Titaran Piper's Sword Main Hand
Raid damage: 2070

Duel power: 285
Attack: 405
Defense: 450
Skirl of the Pipes: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each piece of Titaran Piper Set worn; Set(8) Extra damage against Qwiladrian raids; Increases Player's Energy and Honor by 20; Increases Player's Energy and Honor by 7 for each Piece of Titaran Piper Set worn

Main titaran piper
"You call that music?" the woman said. "It sounds like someone's being murdered!"

"Aye?" The piper drew his sword. "Dinna ken what a murder sounds like, lass, but we could always find out..."

"I... I mean your playing's marvelous! Simply marvelous!"

Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item October 31st 2014 - November 14th 2014 for 15 Planet Coins

Part of Titaran Piper Set
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