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The Spectral Purple Lion's Ring Epic Ring
Raid damage: 2550

Duel power: 300
Attack: 550
Defense: 350
Purple Roar: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each piece of Spectral Purple Lion set worn; Extra damage for each piece of Spectral Purple Lioness set owned;
Set (5) Extra damage against Gigantic raids;
Set (7) Extra damage against Dragon raids;
Set (8) Increases Player Attack by 200

Ring purple lion
8. The last of the water slid from the flask and teased his tongue -- fleeting little drops of moisture that only mocked him and sharpened his thirst. The boy almost let the empty bottle fall from his fingers, but his grasp tightened at the last moment. He couldn't quite bring himself to leave it behind.

The trail, those prints made by the steeds of angel and devil, was faint now. His foes were effacing them. Hard wind, harsh grit that promised to add his decayed flesh to its shifting skin. Stealing his hope before they snatched his life.

He walked in a stoop, shielding his face from their cruelty as best he could. Trying to read the signs. Thus he didn't see what was before him till he heard the woman's voice.

"The midday sun is for dogs and madmen! Come into the shade!"

Obtained By:

The Spectral Purple Lion's Ring Chest

Part of The Spectral Purple Lion Set
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