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The Red Prince's Legplates Epic unique Pants
Raid damage: 475

Duel power: 123
Attack: 95
Defense: 95
Perception: 95
Increases Attack and Defense by 5 for each piece of The Red Prince armor equipped; PvP Bonus: +60 power, +10 deflect; (Passive) Increases Legion power bonus by 5% (Max: 1)

Pants redprince
The Red Prince commanded the loyalty, respect, love, and admiration of his troops in equal measure - something which few other generals could ever hope to accomplish. When his army returned to West Kruna, their campaigns over at last, there was much weeping amongst the ranks. For they would no longer be able to serve him, to fight at his side and earn victories in his name.
Obtained By:

Achievements/Rewards King's Bounty

Part of The Red Prince's Set
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