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The Red Prince's Cuirass Epic unique Chest
Raid damage: 475

Duel power: 138
Attack: 95
Defense: 95
Perception: 95
Increases Attack and Defense by 5 for each piece of the The Red Prince armor equipped; PvP Bonus: +75 power, +10 deflect; (Passive) Increases Legion power bonus by 5% (Max: 1)

Chest redprince

Chest redprince f

Prince Edmund earned his famous nickname after his first battle, in which he defeated King Vorticar's army and slew him in single combat. When he walked away from the field, his armor was covered in blood from head to toe. That night, as he slept, his troops painted his armor red in honor of the victory.
Obtained By:

Achievements/Rewards King's Bounty

Part of The Red Prince's Set
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