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The Purple Lion's Shoes Epic Boots
Raid damage: 2300

Duel power: 267
Attack: 500
Defense: 300
Purple Roar: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each piece of Purple Lions equipment worn; Extra damage for each piece of Purple Lioness set owned;
Set (5) Extra damage against Gigantic raids;
Set (7) Extra damage against Dragon raids;
Set (8) Increases Player Attack by 100

Boots purple lion
7. The sun bloodied the horizon, and rose to conquer the day. Welcome warmth drove the darkness back across coarse sands. He smiled. The radiance flowing towards him reminded him of hers, a second salvation -- no more or less heavenly than the first. Exhaustion gripped his eyes, mind, and muscles. But he kept going. His downturned gaze took in each hoof print like a miser's fingers plucking coins from the dirt.

The light hardened and heat deepened as the day wore on. Each ray, once so benevolent, became a hot lash scouring his flesh. The girl's face disappeared, replaced by the hook-nosed man. An iridescent whip curled and snapped in his hand as he carried out the judgment of the gods and desert.

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The Purple Lion's Trousers The Purple Lion's Shoes The Purple Lion's Ring
Part of The Purple Lion Set


  • The Purple Lion's Shoes is a part of one recipe.
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