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The Masamune Epic Off Hand
Raid damage: 100

Duel power: 23
Attack: 10
Defense: 60
Perception: 10

Off masamune
During his winter years, the smith who forged the Muramasa became paranoid that the bloodthirsty blade would one day return and strike him down. so he created the Masamune, a sword imbued with protective magic, and kept it by his side at all times.
Obtained By:

Epic drop from Tainted Erebus (Raid), Common drop from Dragon's Lair (Raid)

Additional Info:

Masamune was a renowned 13th-14th century swordsmith, who was noted for his exceptional craftsmanship. His swords are often contrasted with those of Muramasa, whose blades are supposed to be bloodthirsty. In some tales, Muramasa's blades are supposed to cut anything, while, Masamune's swords will not harm the innocent.