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The Continuum unique Armament
Raid damage: 149200

Duel power: 17500
Attack: 33500
Defense: 19000
Armament relic Relic
Time Keeper: 9% chance to deal 5% damage; Extra 18% damage against Dragon, World, Event, Elite and Deadly raids; Gains 50 Attack and Defense for each Soldier of the Infinite Dawn owned; Increases Legion Power by 50%

Relic the continuum
"An ancient relic I discovered while searching far to the east for weathered texts. Though I have yet to divine the entirety of what this object does, I felt an immediate connection to it and the weave of time the moment I laid my eyes upon it. It's important in some capacity to the passage of time, I simply need to discover what that importance is. Fortunately I have all the time in the world to uncover its mysteries." --Tilly of the Infinite Dawn
Obtained By:



  • The Continuum is a part of one recipe.
The Continuum Misc/Tokens
Collection infinite dawn coin 1 brown
Collection infinite dawn coin 4 blue
Collection infinite dawn coin 6 orange
Relic the continuum
Soldier of the infinite dawn troop
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