The Baroness is the only boss encounter for A Tale of Two Swords (Area: Into the Dungeon). As with all bosses, The Baroness can also be battled in a raid with 4 available levels: Normal, Hard, Legendary and Nightmare.


Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Essence baroness Baroness Essence Used to summon The Baroness (Raid) The Baroness quest boss
Citadel scroll barracks Barracks Scroll 7 This scroll allows you to construct additional items from the Barracks in your Citadel. Quest: NM The Baroness (not 100% drop)
Helm nemlers guard Nemler's Guard Helmet 80 100 105 The Baroness
Chest nemlers guard Nemler's Guard Cuirass 80 100 105 The Baroness
Gloves nemlers guard Nemler's Guard Gauntlets 80 100 105 The Baroness
Pants nemlers guard Nemler's Guard Legplates 80 100 105 The Baroness
Boots nemlers guard Nemler's Guard Sabatons 80 100 105 The Baroness
Sword journal page brown Brown Sword Journal Page Craft x2 Stat Points A Tale of Two Swords quests
Sword journal page grey Grey Sword Journal Page Craft x2 Stat Points A Tale of Two Swords quests
Sword journal page green Green Sword Journal Page Craft x2 Stat Points A Tale of Two Swords quests
Sword journal page blue Blue Sword Journal Page Craft x2 Stat Points A Tale of Two Swords quests
Sword journal page purple Purple Sword Journal Page Craft x2 Stat Points A Tale of Two Swords quests
Sword journal page orange Orange Sword Journal Page Craft x2 Stat Points A Tale of Two Swords quests


Enter Battle

"Move aside!"

Roland looked over as he heard the baroness' voice. It came from behind a row of Nemler's blue and white-uniformed guards.

"Ah," the nobleman said. "Your patron in this endeavor, I believe. As each competitor was... eliminated... I had their contingent moved on to avoid any unpleasantness which might arise once the eventual winner emerged. But she remained, and now you may conclude whatever arrangement the two of you made."

The old noble's guards parted, revealing the baroness and her own guardsmen.

"You found it!" she exclaimed. Her voice was ecstatic, as excited as that of a child about to receive a birthday gift. Her face was hidden under her red hood and mask, but even so Roland seemed to perceive the joy spreading across it.

She almost hurled herself towards the adventurer, and reached out a slim, gloved hand.

"Give it to me!"

"No." The word flew from Roland's lips instinctively, but as soon as it emerged he knew that it was the truth. He wouldn't give her the sword. It was his.

The baroness stood frozen for a moment, as though she couldn't understand what she had heard. Behind her, the hands of her guardsmen stayed towards their weapons.

"It's mine!" she said, her voice confused rather than angry, still unable to fathom what was occurring.

"I'm keeping it."

There was a long moment of silce. Then she shrieked.

"We had an agreement!"

"You killed a man and framed me for his murder. I owe you nothing."

"Kill him!" she screamed. "Kill him!"

Her men strode forward, weapons half-drawn from their sheaths. Then Nemler made a signal, and they stopped. A forest of blades surrounded them. The four men looked around at the grim faces of the warriors in blue and white. They didn't resist when their weapons were snatched away.

"The nature of your arrangements is no concern of mine," said the elderly noble. "But the rules of my contest were quite clear. The sword is his. I certainly shan't allow him to be robbed of his prize."

"You're a wanted man," she hissed. "If I don't use my family's influence to clear your name, you'll be hunted down and executed! You think the gold you'll get for the sword is worth that?"

"I'm not going to sell it."

The baroness seemed taken aback once more, confusion piercing her anger. She threw back her hood, meeting the adventurer's gaze with her cold, dark eyes -- as though she miight glean some understanding from doing so, perceive the thoughts within his mind.

"The sword means nothing to you," she said. "You told me-"

"I was wrong, and you were right. This sword is special. It's not just a tool. And I wouldn't hand it to you if you offered your entire fortune in return."

"I'll kill you!"

The baroness' hand flew to the sword at her waist.

"If you draw that weapon," Nemler said, "I'll order my guards to cut you down."

The baroness stared at the aged noble, then back at Roland, anguish in her eyes.

"I must have it!" she cried. "It's supposed to be mine! I'll... I'll duel you! Fight me for it, damn you!"

The adventurer looked at her, and nodded.

"I don't owe you this sword, but I do owe you for what you did to me. And even that bastard of a jailor deserves a little justice."

"Splendid!" Nemler said, clapping his hands in approval. "It seems as if the day's entertainment isn't over yet."

The noble signaled to his men. Roland and the baroness were ushered away from the portal, further into the courtyard. There the blue and white guards formed a ring around the two of them, leaving a gap which Nemler himself filled. The baroness' men looked on from the circle, unarmed and powerless to intervene.

The baroness undid her scarlet cloak and tossed it aside. There was a clink as her sword flashed from its scabbard. Then she dropped into a fencing stance, and stepped towards the adventurer.

Roland smiled.


The baroness lunged, her body springing forward in a low attack like a snake striking at its prey. There was the sound of metal upon metal as Roland parried. She disengaged her blade with a deft twist of her wrist, and lunged once more. This time Roland didn't parry.

The adventurer's arm would round hers, pinning it to his side. Her eyes widened in shock, and she tied to yank herself free. But her strength was no match for his. She may as well have tried to tear the moon from it's orbit.

"There's a difference between fencing and fighting," he said.

Then he thrust his sword through her chest.

The baroness' sword dropped from her hand. She gazed down at the weapon embedded in her flesh.

"It's so beautiful..." she whispered. Then she fell.

Roland's blade slipped from her body. He crouched, and picked her sword up. The adventurer held both weapons in the air before him, looking at them side by side. Two swords fashioned by the same hand. Almost identical to look at.

"I'm keeping this," he said, gazing at Nemler.

"To the victor, the spoils," the noble replied.

Nemler turned to the baroness' men. Their reactions to their mistress' death were concealed beneath their helms.

"These gentlemen will remain here for a while," he said. "You won't have to worry about them."

Roland nodded his thanks. Then he strode away as the guards parted before him, his twin swords in his hands


There would be no surrender and no quarter. Death gleamed on steel forged by Rogar's hand. All eyes waited to see which of them it would claim.

Additional Info

  • Normal - 500 HP, Max Damage 450
  • Hard - 750 HP, Max Damage 450
  • Legendary - 1000 HP, Max Damage 450
  • Nightmare - 1800 HP, Max Damage 450
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