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Tephra Epic General
Legion damage: 1030

Duel power: 258
Attack: 450
Defense: 325
Race construct Construct
Role special Special
Source special Special
The Soul and the Stone: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Guild raids and Campaigns; Tephra gains 50 Attack and Defense for every general in the active legion

Tephra was actually a human long ago, and was one of the first in her age to perform transmigration. In her time, magic was still an undiscovered frontier: unknown, dangerous and full of potential. And when she cast the ritual spell deciphered from an ancient manuscript, she irreversibly transferred into the body of this very construct.

Ask her what her life was like in her human years, she would simply shrug. Ask her how she survived so long being a construct, she would simply shrug again. It seems that living so long in this body has withered away her memories, and she is now a shell of what she used to be.

Obtained By:

Monsters and Magma Hard: Fatigued