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Sword of Conquered Kingdoms Legendary unique Main Hand
Raid damage: 34000

Duel power: 4933
Attack: 7000
Defense: 6000
Perception: 5000
Legendary: 5% chance to deal 300,000 damage; Extra 200 damage for each Sword Fanatic owned (Max 5,000); 1% chance to create a Sword Fanatic; PvP Bonus: +600 power, +300 damage; (Passive) Increases Player's Attack, Defense and Perception by 10,000

Sword of conquered kingdoms v main
Though time and use have worn the handle smooth, the steel still gleams as fresh as the day this sword was forged.

No weapon in all of Tor'gyyl holds as much history as this blade. Wielded by mighty heroes and slayer of countless villains, this sword is a testament to the timelessness of Tor'gyyl, and a reminder that heroes will always rise up and bring light to an ever darkening world.

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  • Sword of Conquered Kingdoms is a part of one recipe.
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