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Sword of Conquered Kingdoms 4 Legendary Main Hand
Raid damage: 1500

Duel power: 485
Attack: 320
Defense: 220
Perception: 200
Legendary: Chance for bonus damage; Chance to create a Sword Fanatic; Extra damage for each Sword Fanatic owned (Max 2,500); (Passive) Increases Player's Attack, Defense and Perception by 100; PvP Bonus: +305 power, +60 damage

Main sock4 v2

Main sock4

"You have succeeded," a voice whispers. "When you awaken, newfound might shall flow through your weapon."

"I'm grateful," you reply. "But I'd like it even better if everyone stopped invading my dreams. Speak to me in the flesh, like a normal person!"

Laughter echoes around you.

"That would be interesting indeed..."

Obtained By:

Crafting Sword of Conquered Kingdoms3 + Enigmatic Powers

Additional Info:

To obtain the enigmatic powers, simply equip the required items and hit the required raid, the items will drop during the raid (NOT as loot afterwards). As with any Item Hunt, use 1-stamina hits, as the chance is the same for 1, 5, or 20.


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