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Swamp Concoction Epic unique Armament
Raid damage: 3200

Duel power: 333
Attack: 750
Defense: 250
Armament relic Relic
Pinch Your Nose: 10% chance to deal 5% damage against Krykagrius, Sluriasma or Echidna; Gains 60 Attack and Defense for each Goblin general owned; Increases Legion Power Bonus by 5%

Relic swamp concoction
The local goblins keep multiple flasks of this thick emerald liquid on their persons at all times. You frequently catch them taking mighty swigs just before a battle and take note of the frenzied expression that follows. Catching a whiff of the brew, you're unsure if the goblins are filled with an herbal ferocity or simply reacting to the foul stench emanating from the flask.
Obtained By:

300t+ damage on Sluriasma (World Raid)

Additional Info:

This relic shares an image with Clash of the Dragons's Calla's Concoction.

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