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Steam Maniac's Ring Epic Ring
Raid damage: 29000

Duel power: 3467
Attack: 6200
Defense: 4200
Perception: 3500
Steam Punked: 16% chance to deal 46,000 damage; Extra 22,000 damage for each piece of Steam Maniac set worn; Extra 141,000 damage against Human raids; Extra 141,000 damage against Construct raids

Steam maniac ring
8. Clara smiled.

"Sorry! I gotta go do stuff. Tink asked me if I wanted to go on a quest for an Orb of Nur. I was like, 'Duh! It magically changes the color of your hair!'"


"I'll be back later. Just remember to feed them!"

She began to walk away. The azure drake thought fast, his mind quickened by the abuse he was suffering from three pairs of tiny hands.

"Wait! Have you ever ridden a dragon?"

Clara whirled around. Her eyes gleamed.

Obtained By:


Part of Steam Maniac set


  • Steam Maniac's Ring is a part of one recipe.
Steam Maniac's Ring Events/World Raid
Ring steam fanatic
Steam power schematic 1
Steam power schematic 2
Steam power schematic 3
Steam power schematic 4
Steam maniac ring
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