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Standard-bearer's Head Helm
Raid damage: 5000

Duel power: 667
Attack: 1000
Defense: 1000
Perception: 500
The High Standard: 10% chance to deal 15,000 damage; Extra 8,000 damage for each unique piece of Standard-bearer set equipped; Extra 700,000 damage against War raids; 20% chance to discover a War Horn on hit when complete set is worn against War raids

Standard-bearer set helm

Standard-bearer set helm f

III. "History will declare us the victors on this day--" The commander's monologue was cut short when an arrow pierced his neck. As the man toppled from his mount, Basim swung his eyes to the newly appeared enemies before him.

Some dolt yelled out "magic!" from behind him, as if the entire regiment had not put together what had happened. Basim grasped the hilt of his greatsword, he could feel the orcs around him drawing their weapons.

Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item July 2016 for 20Planet Coin

Part of Standard-bearer Set
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