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Sons of Siculus Visage Rare Helm
Raid damage: 1300

Duel power: 173
Attack: 260
Defense: 260
Children of Blood: Chance for bonus damage against Campaigns; Extra damage for each additional Sons of Siculus item equipped

Helm sons of siculus
III. Byron had hurled himself at the children, flailing his little fists. He hit one of them before the others beat him to the ground and mauled him, still laughing, taunting as they battered his feeble body.

He wept in his mother's arms. That was when she told him, told him that he didn't have to be ashamed of his family, his blood, his heritage. For his ancestor had been a great warlord. When his tears dried, he asked her for more. Demanded to know the man's name. But his mother bit her lip and said it was a secret. She wouldn't reveal it no matter how much he pestered her, ranting and pleading in turn. Though in the end she silenced him by promising to tell him when he was older.

Then she headed out of their little home, the hovel they possessed because of the mayor's scornful piety and haughty magnanimity, to worship at the pantherium. Minutes later she was dead -- smashed beneath the swerving wheels of a drunkard's cart.

Obtained By:

Random drop from Bastion of Blood (Campaign)

Part of Sons of Siculus Set
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