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Sons of Siculus Stride Rare Boots
Raid damage: 1300

Duel power: 173
Attack: 260
Defense: 260
Children of Blood: Chance for bonus damage against Campaigns; Extra damage for each additional Sons of Siculus item equipped

Boots sons of siculus
VII. Death whispered in his ear, taunting him like the children once had. Mocking and jeering. Telling him he was going to die a meaningless scribe. But Byron refused. He was the descendant of Carnus the Warwalker, and he wasn't going to perish in a filthy alleyway.

And perhaps the vampire understood this too. Knew that his destiny could not be stopped. For when Byron stabbed at him, piercing his undead flesh with the tip of the dagger's blade, the creature looked him in the eyes, laughed, and pulled Byron's head down -- pressing his lips against the wound.

"Drink," the vampire said. "Drink, amusing mortal."

He flitted away into the night, still laughing, while Byron lay on the cobbles and groaned.

Obtained By:

Random drop from Bastion of Blood (Campaign)

Part of Sons of Siculus Set
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