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Snulgar the Screamer Special General
Legion damage: 250

Duel power: 88
Attack: 90
Defense: 175
Race dwarf Dwarf
Role healer Healer
Source special Special
Feel the Noise: Chance for bonus damage

Snulgar the screamer
It's not that the Stonebound don't appreciate music. They love their drinking and battle songs, for example. It's merely that they didn't recognize what Snulgar produced as being music at all. In fact, some of the elders were fairly sure that he was possessed by a demon -- and contemplated whether it might not be beneficial to crack his head open with a warhammer. So the dwarven bard left for the surface, where he's thankfully learned enough from more capable musicians to make his tunes somewhat pleasant.
Obtained By:

Possible drop from Hard quest bosses in Scrolls of Dahrizon

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