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Skirmish was removed in favor of Invasion during the third dawniversary

What Skirmish is

Skirmish is a part of the PVP section in Dawn Of The Dragons, battling in Skirmish consumes 1 stamina every time. Skirmish also gives XP so it is not a waste of stamina.

Winning and losing in Skirmish

Winning in Skrimish gives you 10,000 gold from the other player. Making the other player lose gold. Once the other player loses all his gold you will not get any gold when you battle him. When you lose in Skirmish you will lose 10,000 gold if you have that much or more. To avoid losing money you have to bank your coins.

PVP in Skirmish

Battling in Skirmish makes you lose PVP health. There is a small cross button on the PVP health bar which can restore your health for coins. PVP health can only increase when healing with coins, waiting or leveling up. Leveling up restores all of your PVP health.

Armies In Skirmish

Armies are used to help you in Skirmish, to increase your army you must add people to your friends list that also play the game. Having a large Army helps you battle in Skirmish.

Leaderboard Reward

Item Name Type Atk Def Per Ability
Warband Leader's Crown Warband Leader's Crown Helm 50 50 Increases Player's Attack by 200 + 10% of their base Attack; PvP Bonus: +400 power, +36 damage, +30 deflect