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Sir Walter of the Breaking Dawn Epic General
Legion damage: 668

Duel power: 223
Attack: 250
Defense: 420
Race human Human
Role healer Healer
Source strength Strength
Harbinger of the Dawn: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each different Breaking Dawn item owned; +30 Attack and Defense for each different Breaking Dawn item owned

Sir walter

Sir Walter2
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Like all good and true members of West Krunan chivalry, for whom rank and title mean duty rather than vanity, Sir Walter set to work the moment the war began. He founded the Breaking Dawn, an order of knights and paladins who've taken it upon themselves to bring hope to the kingdom's subjects. They travel the land battling the dragons' forces and healing the monster's victims, and in each place they visit they preach to the populace -- filling them with stories of the dragon-rider and his/her companions, that their hearts might be lifted by such heroic tales.
Obtained By:

Crafting together the following materials from Purple-Orange Dawn Chest, Green-Blue Dawn Chest, Brown-Grey Dawn Chest

Additional Info:

Recrafting will yield 4x Warrior of the Breaking Dawn. Although the ability says every Breaking Dawn item, it also counts Warrior of the Breaking Dawn and himself.


  • Sir Walter of the Breaking Dawn is a part of one recipe.
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