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Siegemaw Plant Armament
Raid damage: 18000

Duel power: 1500
Attack: 4500
Defense: 0
Armament siege Siege
Ensnaring Maw: 44% chance to deal 5% damage; Extra 5% damage against Beast raids; Provides a 6% Legion Special Power Bonus while in the Root March legion

Siege siegemaw plant
Carnivorous plants aren't unheard of throughout ancient jungles such as Chalua, but few have witnessed such beasts on West Kruna's shores. The Siegemaw plant is a recent denizen first appearing within the Vinewood shortly after the disappearance of the local druids, their jaws capable of snapping a horse in half with a single bite.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinExpeditions New Item Pack December 2018