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Siege Juggernaut Helm Rare Helm
Raid damage: 2250

Duel power: 383
Attack: 400
Defense: 650
Act of War: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each piece of Siege Juggernaut set worn; Extra damage if Siege Engine is worn; Extra damage against Siege raids; Extra damage against Dragon raids; Extra damage against Engines of War raids (both versions); Extra damage against Treachery and the Tower raid; Extra damage against Kessov Siege raids; Greater extra damage against Kessov: Blood Will Run Cold raid; Increases Player's Health by 500

Helm siege juggernaut

Dearest Yeva,
The general's tent is a buzz of activity, with messengers coming and going at all times. The enlisted men are idle, awaiting orders, telling stories of those left at home.
I speak of you to them, and of our son born so soon before I marched to war. I wonder how tall he might be when I see him again.
Yours always,

Obtained By:

Engines of War (Raid)

Part of Siege Juggernaut Set
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