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Siege Engine Rare Mount
Raid damage: 2300

Duel power: 400
Attack: 400
Defense: 700
Act of War: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each piece of Siege Juggernaut set worn; Extra damage against Siege raids; Extra damage against Dragon raids; Extra damage against Engines of War raids (both versions); Extra damage against Treachery and the Tower raid; Extra damage against Kessov Siege raids; Greater extra damage against Kessov: Blood Will Run Cold raid; Increases Player's Health by 500

Mount siege engine

Well apparently the blighter in the iron suit drilled through the wall, into the keep, into the commander's quarters, bashed him in the head and now it's all over.
Bit of a march coming up but I guess I'll be home next week, save a bowl of stew for me.

Obtained By:

Engines of War (Raid)

Part of Siege Juggernaut Set
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