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Sharuum the Twisted Epic General
Legion damage: 8524

Duel power: 2103
Attack: 3750
Defense: 2560
Race abyssal merfolk Abyssal Merfolk
Trans16 Any
Trans16 Any
Increases Player's Health by 5,000 and Attack, Defense and Perception by 200; Additional 200 Health and 40 Attack, Defense and Perception for each Krakenguard in the active legion; Increases Legion Power Bonus by 5%

Sharuum the twisted general
Dark and forbidden relics lay deep within the abyss, daring those with the will and ambition to seek their unholy treasures. For Sharuum, this has been a lifelong pursuit, a dedication to the taboo, he has embraced the dark powers and reaped their rewards to their fullest. He finds his transformations a powerful boon, though others see him as a hideous curse upon their people.
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  • Sharuum the Twisted is a part of one recipe.
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