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Scylla is the second boss encounter for Fallows (Area: West Fallows). As with all bosses, Scylla can also be battled in a raid with 4 available levels: Normal, Hard, Legendary and Nightmare.


Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Essence squidlady.png Scylla Essence Used to summon Scylla (Raid) Scylla quest boss
Main coralblade.png Black Coral Blade 51 16 55 Quest boss - Scylla
Legion 1.png March III Quest Boss - Scylla, Gravlok the Night-Hunter and Erebus the Black


Enter battle

You hear something through the din of battle, almost smothered by the clash of steel, the cries of pain or exhortation, and Medea’s song. Then it sounds again, and again, growing louder and closer. Trumpets. Their call ripples along the top of the walls as each trumpeter takes it up and echoes it in turn. In a moment it’s coming from right above the western gate, the deep noise descending upon your companions and the toad monsters as you fight before it.

"The signal!" Marcus shouts. "The enemy army’s been spotted!"

The toad creatures throw themselves at you with renewed fury, heedless of whether they live or die. They understand what the trumpets mean as well as you do. If they can open the gates now, with their allies almost within reach, Fallows is lost. And through the shifting gaps in the melee you see that some of the monsters are already at the wheel, turning it to raise the portcullis.

As if reacting to your anxiety, Solus crashes into the toad monsters, ignoring the weapons that scar his scaly hide, forcing a way through their ranks. Your comrades and allies are quick to capitalize, some pushing through and running for the gate, others flanking the toad monsters to annihilate them before they can fall back and defend those at the wheel.

But even as their line crumbles, another wave emerges from the well. More of the toad monsters, and something far worse.

An abomination moves between you and the gates, a twisted female form shrouded in writhing tentacles. Those slimy appendages lash out at the nearest guards, knocking them aside as if they were mere children. Another guard is yanked towards her in their embrace, and dispatched by a cruel slash from the saw-toothed sword the monstrous woman wields in her single hand.

As she tosses the unfortunate guard aside, the creature’s gaze sweeps across the rest of her enemies. Her eyes meet yours for a split-second, long enough for you to see the mockery and defiance that swims within them.

You vow that you’ll make her pay for that…


The abominable creature thrashes on the ground, her tentacles slapping against the stones in impotent rage. Her eyes meet yours once more, and this time there is no mockery, no defiance within their depths. There is only the bitterness of failure.

The guards and your companions rush forward, trampling over her corpse in their haste. The toad monsters straining at the wheel are cut down, and the portcullis clatters back onto the stone beneath.

But there's no time to celebrate. Barely time to catch your breath.

"The walls," says Marcus, already gesturing to his men and moving off. "We have to get to the walls!"


The squid-woman has bested you, and you flee before her. She stands before the gate, her writhing tentacles keeping your companions and the town's guards at bay. Soon her minions will have it open, and Fallows will be doomed...

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