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Scorpion Helm Helm
Raid damage: 850

Duel power: 113
Attack: 170
Defense: 170
Mandibles of the Scorpion: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional Scorpion set item equipped

Helm scorpion
"The beastmen fear and respect Mazalu for his strength, his viciousness. They'll fight well under his command. Send him with General Grune. Together their talents should prove more than equal to the task we've set them." -- Erebus the Black
Obtained By:

Citadel: Armorsmith level 5 Planet CoinRetired Expeditions 6/22/12 - ???
Planet CoinLimited Time Item 2/10/12 until 2/24/12 for 20Planet Coin Planet Coins

Part of Scorpion Set
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