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Scarab Guard Helm Epic Helm
Raid damage: 12850

Duel power: 2283
Attack: 2000
Defense: 4850
Chitinous Rebuke: 10% chance to deal 70,000 damage; Extra 15,000 damage for each piece of Scarab Guard set worn; Extra 250,000 damage against Insect raids; Increases Player's Health by 1,000

Scarab guard helm

Scarab guard helm f

Journal Entry III

"My nights are filled with the sound of buzzing, of chittering. I awake in a cold sweat, seeking foes that do not exist. Others have reported similar nightmares to the camp clerics. Are we fatigued from the wounds of war or is something else at play here? Hopefully I can rest this night without that scratching sound playing at the edge of my thoughts."

Obtained By:


Part of Scarab Guard Set


  • Scarab Guard Helm is a part of one recipe.
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