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Savage Song Hood Helm
Raid damage: 29150

Duel power: 3467
Attack: 6250
Defense: 4150
Crescendo of Carnage: 10% chance to deal 25% damage against Giant raids; Extra 5% damage against Giant raids for each unique piece of Savage Song set owned; Increases critical hit chance against Giant raids by 4%; 5% chance to discover Frozen Shield on hit while all items of Savage Song set except Mount, Neck and Helm are worn against non-Guild related Giant raids

Savage song helm
The giants that roam the northern hills are a constant and worrisome problem for the local tribes. Many a warrior has lost their life fighting these ancient and menacing titans, but Yagga has put them all to shame with nary a drop of his own blood spilled in the process.

As fortune would have it, giants have exceptionally large ears making them ideal targets for his persuasive melodies.

Obtained By:

Planet CoinExpeditions July 2018 New Item Pack

Part of Savage Song set
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