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Savage Song Great Wolf Mount
Raid damage: 38772

Duel power: 4611
Attack: 8313
Defense: 5520
Crescendo of Carnage: 15% chance to deal 1,000% damage against Giant raids; Extra 210% damage against Giant raids for each unique piece of Savage Song set owned; Increases critical hit chance against Giant raids by 4%; Increases Player's Attack and Defense against Giant raids by 1,000

Savage song mount
Great tundra wolves roam the north in savage packs, dominant and peerless they are dwarfed in size and ferocity only by mystical beasts and grand tundra bears. Yagga's tribe takes special pride in taming these beasts, and chieftains or warriors of reputation and prestige ride them into battle. A fearsome reminder of man and beast's exemplary dedication to savagery.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinExpeditions July 2018 New Item Pack

Part of Savage Song set
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